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A not so boring writing style when you age

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

As you get older, you lose the freshness of your writing style. You start to second think everyword you write, second guess the feedback once you hit the published button, and doubt you can really write... 5 seconds later, you turn to ChatGPT for a polished new century piece of writing.

I hate to be corrected, especially grammar and synthax. As you get older you always look back on things, just the way you write changes dramatically. It used to be so carefree and interesting, now its just factual and proper. I start to reread everything i wrote years ago, tracking back on exactly when i stopped and lost my inner child. it was 2008. let's get back there and continue... the voice of the inner child.

2008 is exactly one year after i move away from Taiwan ... now fast forward we are back in Taiwan in 2023. 15 years later...

Now i am married with to the person that was with me in 2008. Lucky me... gave birth to two beautiful girls. One a bit rambunctious lately... but let's not focus on that for now. Let's talk about my life in Taipei, Taiwan after 15 years.

Today I am trying out my new private trainer. I hope he is good. One thing i didnt mentioned from above is that i have just moved back from Singapore and had an exceptional private trainer who always able to make me pulk.. excuse me.. want to throw up at the end of each session. I look forward to find someone that gives me the same affect, so far not yet. So far the niceness of the taiwanese trainer has done nothing for my bodyfat nor my bodyweight, i might as well just take the money to freeze my fat. Therefore, i hope this one will do..

Something to look forward to... my new PT's style and the paper about Marketing Myopia..

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