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What is the core purpose?

One of my main goals is to help my kids prepare for the future, especially with all the cool tech stuff happening right now. I was reading this article on Business Insider about the hottest startups in 2024, and most were all about AI. It got me thinking about how much the world is changing and how it might affect our kids.


I started wondering what AI can and can't do and how we can help our kids navigate all these changes. Some might say we should go with the flow and not worry too much. But when I read about all the fantastic things AI can do, it kind of feels like being told to speak a whole new language and go along with it. It can be overwhelming, you know?


I worry about how all this tech stuff might affect our kids' mental health, especially since we've seen a significant increase in mental health issues among young people over the last few decades. On one hand, AI makes things more efficient and takes care of tedious tasks. But on the other hand, I think it's important for kids to have time for socializing, love, and exploring new things.


So, we must balance technology and what makes us human.

My project: CraftForward is about helping kids develop skills like creativity, empathy, critical thinking, and curiosity. We do this by letting them explore different topics and ideas in fun and hands-on ways. It's all about preparing them for a world where humans and technology work together.

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